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We accept returns and exchanges of items within seven (7) days of the purchase being made. To initiate a return, you will need to provide proof of purchase (receipt or order number). The item must be in the original packaging, in undamaged condition, and should have Time Out X labeling. We don’t offer refunds on any items, but we do offer an exchange of items that are of the same value as the item(s) intended for return. 

Innerwear, socks, swimsuits or bikinis, and sports bras cannot be returned or exchanged due to our strict hygiene policy. Damaged items cannot be accepted for return or

When unsure of the size and fitting, and product quality, we suggest you book our shop on wheels to visit you. You will be able to browse through several workout clothes, feel the fabric, and try the size in person. Time Out X’s business model was conceptualized based on the small idea of bringing an online store to your house/office/or gym where you get to feel, try and choose your activewear before you make a purchase. This mitigates any chances of error and you can be 100% satisfied with your purchase. 

Steps to Return and Exchange your Item:-

1. Fill out our online Returns and Exchange Form if you are unhappy with your purchase. Enter your Order Number (of the last purchase made), Email ID, and Reason for Returning the Item to indicate which items you would like to return. Scroll down for the online form.

2. Receive an email confirmation from Time Out X Representative.

3. Click the link on the email and choose a date from available slots for our Shop on Wheels to come to you and help you choose an item(s) to exchange for the product you will be returning.

4. Time Out X is at your doorsteps within 3 to 7 days of the Returns Request being submitted online.

5. Once our team has examined the product and found it free of any faults, we will accept your item of return. Instantly, we will let you choose the product(s) worth equal to the amount of your last purchase from our mobile retail store.

6. Purchase the new product or products of equal value.

Returns and Exchange Policy

  1. Time Out X doesn’t refund returns but provides an exchange of items for an equal amount.
  2. All Returns and Exchanges are accepted within 7 days of purchase.
  3. The customer must provide proof of purchase (order number, email confirmation received, receipt of purchase) for the item intended for exchange.
  4. The item the customer wants to exchange must not be used and should be in its original condition. Damaged products (not in original packaging, removal of Time Out X’s labels, stained, broken, torn) shall not be accepted for return and exchange.
  5. If the item intended for return has a free-of-charge product with it, then it too must be returned.
  6. Activewear clothes and accessories purchased with ‘My Time Out X Gift Card’ are not eligible for returns, exchanges, and refunds. 
  7. Time Out X doesn’t accept returns or exchanges of innerwear, swimsuits, bikinis, sports bras, and socks due to hygiene policy.
  8. Cash On Delivery (COD) items is not eligible for returns or exchanges because our Shop on Wheels allows the customers to try, check, and test products before they accept them. Our team awaits the client to pay and take the product(s) only if fully satisfied. 
  9. The customer cannot exchange an item in return for an item that is out of stock.
  10. All orders are accepted within UAE. We do not ship items outside UAE

Order Cancellation:

  1. Once an order has been placed online, the customer can cancel the order by calling 0559955243 or dropping an email to hello@timeoutx.ae within one hour of order placement.
  2. If you wish to cancel the booking of the Time Out X Vehicle, it has to be done 10 hours in advance. The security deposit of 50 AED made while booking the vehicle,  shall not be refundable in case of cancellation of the order.
  3. In a rare case scenario, the customer can postpone a booking of the mobile store by sending us an email ten hours in advance.

Return And Exchange Request Form

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