Become a Member and Welcome to the Time Out X Club!

Imagine if you could get more from your shopping, save more and benefit more. Wouldn’t that interest you? Sign up today and join our club. As a member, you can buy a membership package that lets you shop more for less, or get hold of a gift card for your loved ones.

‘My Time Out X’ Digital Gift Card

Introducing the perfect digital gift card for your loved ones who value their fitness routine! My Time Out X Digital Gift Card allows them to shop from our Shop on Wheels and choose any activewear they desire to enhance their fitness journey.

Whether it’s for him or her, this thoughtful gesture shows that you care about their  well-being. With our wide range of products, your loved ones can explore a variety of options tailored to their individual fitness preferences. From workout apparel and accessories to fitness equipment and nutritional supplements, our store offers a diverse selection to suit every fitness enthusiast.

Purchasing our digital gift card is quick and convenient. Simply select the desired amount, and share the digital code of the card with your loved ones. They can then redeem the gift card at their leisure, browsing  through our activewear shop on wheels and selecting the items that best align with their fitness goals.

Gift Cards

My Time Out X - Bronze

My Time Out X - Silver

My Time Out X - Gold

Not only does this gift card provide your loved ones with the freedom to choose what they need, but it also showcases your support and encouragement for their fitness journey. Give them the opportunity to elevate their workout routine and indulge in high-quality fitness products with our digital gift card.

Step 1:
Choose the card type you want to gift

Step 2:
Buy the card type you want to gift

Step 3:
Once payment is done, Generate Code.

Step 4:
Once the checkout is completed, Time Out X will receive the payment and code for
that specific gift card.

Step 5:
Time Out X will email a confirmation payment receipt to you.

Step 6:
Share the receipt containing the code with the loved one, you wish to gift to.

Step 7:
Your loved one will use this receipt to invite Time Out X to their homes. They can
physically shop for activewear from our collection and pay for it with My Time Out X
Gift Card receipt.


Note: You cannot shop online with My Time Out X Gift Card but you can always invite Time Out X Activewear Shop on Wheels to your house/office/beach or picnic spot.

12-Piece Activewear Clothing Set
+12 FREE SETS at a discounted price of 2000 AED.

Purchase our exclusive 12-Piece Activewear Clothing Set for 2000 AED and get 12 FREE SETS. Let us know your size, and we will prepare a gift box of 12 activewear sets comprising tops and bottoms for you.

This package can be purchased by both men and women.


1. You pay less for 12 activewear sets when you purchase this package. It is cheaper to buy them together than an individual purchase.

2. You have the choice to mix and match sets yourself by inviting our activewear shop on wheels to your house.

3. You get 12 Free Sets when you buy this package from us. This is how it works – You will receive 1 free set every month for one year. All you have to do is wear the set, click a picture, post it on your Instagram account, and tag @timeout.x.uae.

Give us a call and shop your 12-piece package today!

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