Choosing the perfect pair of shorts for physical activity can be difficult. In this blog article, we will explore different types of shorts available for men, speaking of their fabric blends, stitch style, and composition. A well-chosen pair of shorts can make all the difference when it comes to staying comfortable and stylish during the summer months of UAE or during your gym workouts.

Compression Shorts:

Compression Shorts are snug-fitting shorts for men made of Polyester and Spandex. They have gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts, runners, and athletes. These shorts provide added comfort and protection during more intense workouts. Study reveals that compression shorts tend to provide muscle support, improve blood circulation and help reduce muscle fatigue.

Compression shorts can be worn alone, but most men prefer wearing them as an underneath layer to keep their skin soft, comfortable, and dry.  Time Out X offers two types of compression shorts that feature the same properties except for the length. Time Out X Men’s Workout Compression Shorts and Time Out X Men’s Long Gym Shorts offer breathability, ventilation, stretch, and flexibility to the wearer, and prevent overheating when working out.

Zipper Pocket Shorts:

For those workaholics who can’t leave their smartphones behind during workouts, shorts with zipper pockets are a game changer. Store your phone, keys, or other essentials in your shorts while working out or running outdoors. Whether you are jogging around the block or hitting a gym, having easy access to your devices ensures you can stay connected without compromising your workout. Time Out X Sprinter Running Shorts and Time Out X Athleisure Shorts can be ideal choices when choosing from zipper pocket shorts.

Polyester Blend Shorts:

The Shorts made of polyester fabric blends are a fantastic choice for your training sessions if you are into physical activities that involve a lot of body movement and sweating. The moisture-wicking property of polyester keeps the fabric dry even in times of intense workouts. Time Out X Classic Training Shorts features a breathable and fashionable design. Wear it for your everyday running session, at the gym, or other kinds of physical activities. It comes in two colors – orange and black. You can choose to wear it alone or wear it with compression shorts underneath it.

You can also choose to buy Time Out X Sprinter Running Shorts which feature a zip pocket at the back.

Cotton Shorts:

The French Terry Cotton is one of the classic shorts worn by Men as both casual and activewear. Pure cotton fabric is good for the hot summers and for those who have sensitive skin. Cotton shorts are a timeless choice for men because it feels soft against the skin. Cotton shorts, however, do not wick the sweat away, and are not quick to dry. But if you want to opt for something that keeps your body ventilated and cool in warm weather, then these shorts are a good choice to buy. Buy our Time Out X French Terry Cotton Shorts now.

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